Why donate?

We try to offer a professionally managed server. It should be safe, stable, fast, and maintained. And while all our labor is paid for with smiles and exclamation marks, the hardware costs real money. That’s why we hope that you love us enough to spare some change to offset the cost of it. But don’t worry, we still love you even if you’re unable to donate!

What do I get in return?

We try to provide perks that comply with Mojang’s rules. In short, we cannot give a player anything that would alter game-play, or make the game easier for that player. 

We can, however offer server-wide effects such as changing the weather or time of day alongside non-gameplay effects

Rewards are currently under review. We hope we can continue to provide rewards in the near future

Where does that money go?

The donations go towards paying for the cost of electricity, hardware upkeep & upgrades, domain name registration, and other services that we use to manage the server, such as this payment platform.

Donations are sent to Evil_K9 who is responsible for paying the bills every month. He can be contacted at Evil_K9@MCNSA.com or through our discord server.

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